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Electrology at Total Nails & Hair Academy

ElectrologyThe objective of our electrolysis program is to give our students a comprehensive education in the rapidly growing industry of permanent hair removal. The program is practically oriented to build within the student a foundation of useful skills to successfully compete in a professional job market. Preparing the student to successfully pass the state board exam will be a primary focus of the program.

Students will learn the principles of electrolysis including techniques utilizing the Galvanic, Thermolysis and blend systems. Education related to the circulatory, endocrine and integutemary systems will be covered in depth in its relation to electrolysis. Students will be educated in the importance of proper sanitizing, disinfecting and sterilizing techniques. Working safely and professionally with modern technical tools and equipment will be a program focus.

Passage of a State Board Test is required for licensure. Financing is available.

Course Length: 320 Hours