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Massage Therapy at Total Nails & Hair Academy

Massage TherapyOur Massage Therapy Program is designed to give the student an introduction to the theory, concept and practice of becoming a professional massage therapist. It fulfills the requirements as set forth by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy and prepares the student for their licensure examination. Our program is designed to give the students the necessary skills to successfully compete in the professional marketplace including both the medical and salon/spa industries.

Our program is committed to offering the student the finest training in Swedish, therapeutic and Shiatsu massage techniques. Particular emphasis will be placed on the holistic approach to massage that develops an awareness of the mind, body, spirit interconnectivity. Students will be offered an in depth study of the human anatomy and physiology and the musculoskeletal system. Our students will also learn how to translate their acquired skills into career opportunities.

Total Academy for Massage Therapy is an Authorized Provider for Massage Therapy Continued Education. Our classes are vibrant and stimulating and cover a wide spectrum of relevant modalities. We also offer online classes for required CE hours regarding the Laws and Rules Governing Massage Practice in the State of Florida. Check with us often to see the latest classes being offered.

Continued Education Classes Presently Being offered:

  1. Shiatsu Massage - The exciting world of Shiatsu Massage is explored including insights into traditional Chinese meridian energy. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice with hands on instruction from an expert in this field. (6-12 hours)
  2. Neuromuscular Therapy - An introduction to Neuromuscular Therapy that includes the application of trigger point therapy. Particular emphasis will be on the treatment of myofascial problems. (6-12 hours)
  3. Chakras - In Ayurveda, Chakras are considered the seven centers of the Prana. They are located along the spinal column, interrelated with the nervous system and endocrine glands. They are considered centers of consciousness. (6 hours)
  4. Hot Stones/Cold Stones - Lear how to effectively use stones to provide hot and cold alternating thermotherapy. A variety of stone types and there different usages will be demonstrated in a hands on setting. (6 hours)
  5. Reflexology - Learn Reflexology based on the theory that certain points in the foot and hand effect other body organs and areas. Reflexology applies the stimulus/reflex principle to healing the body. (6 Hours)
  6. Florida CE Hours - Laws and Rules concerning the Massage Therapy Profession in Florida. (12 Hours) Computer based

Passage of a State Board Test is required for licensure. Financing is available.